Ares Arms LLC makes one of the highest quality AR-15 style rifles on the market today. All Ares Arms AA-15 and AA-16 rifles are machined from a solid piece of billet aluminum. Each rifle comes with a hard chrome bolt and carrier to ensure reliability and durability. Our special single stage trigger is an industry best and has been compared to many high end match triggers.

We offer a variety of rifle configurations to meet the needs of military, law enforcement, and civilians. It doesn’t matter if you are looking for a short barreled rifle for the squad car or a reliable tactical rifle or even a varmint rifle, we have what you need. Our main focus when we set out to build our rifles was quality, accuracy, flexibility and durability.

We believe we have built one of the best rifles on the AR platform that you will find. We wanted to also make our rifles affordable so we built in the most critical components to fit your needs but left the door open for enhancements.
We understand that not everyone is going to want our rifle as designed, so we will also be selling receivers as a separate item. We would suggest that you purchase the upper and lower receivers as a set.

Though we have gone to great lengths to ensure the accuracy of our upper and lower receivers and believe that they work best when matched together, we understand that you may want to use a different upper receiver than ours. To facilitate this, we have included a tensioning device in our lower receiver that will allow you to mate our lower receiver with the upper of your choice and still get an excellent fit.

We are constantly working on new designs and working to improve our rifles and processes. If you have an idea we would love to hear it. If you have a problem we really want to hear that as well.
Ares Arms, LLC is currently accepting applications for dealers. Please call 877.411.6559 or email for more information.